2X Inc. is a full service agency that is dedicated to provide to its clients, with the client being the top priority and holding their best interests at heart, effective and personal representation that is readily accessible, holds true to its basic philosophies and principles, maintains a high level of professionalism, operates with the utmost integrity and is committed to excellence.

Although 2X Inc predominately works with the female basketball athlete, they are very experienced in negotiating contracts regardless of the sport.  Basketball is the sport that “opened our doors”. Representing an athlete is the same process regardless of what the sport is. Whether you play golf, tennis, soccer, billiards, run track, cycle, surf or ski, (and the list goes on!) you can still benefit from representation and promotion. It is always difficult to promote yourself, and it usually doesn’t look too good to a potential sponsor to “toot your own horn”.

Address: 1859 N. Lakewood Dr. Ste 304, Coeur d ‘Alene, ID  83814 USA

Phone: 208.699.7696

2xinc website:  http://www.2xinc.com/content/

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